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Yabby Casino is the sister casino of Casino eXtreme.

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I’m not one for talking about aesthetics when they are average, so let me tell you right off the bat that these graphics on the front page of Yabby casino knocked my socks off. There’s flowing animation, and a good web 2.0 feel. First impressions always matter, and the impression I received from Yabby Casino was a good one, because it looks like they took the time and effort to make their players feel somewhat pandered to. Excuse me, I always feel they have the customer in mind when the initial flow of aesthetics is brilliant, and Yabby doesn’t fail to deliver on that aspect at all.

Yabby casino is a cryptocurrency casino so it will only accept bitcoin and a few other smaller known coins such as Bitcoin Cash. On their site they stated that they wanted to be known for fast deposits and fast withdrawals, and with having only cryptocurrency available they are able to do that. With crypto transactions are secure. And for that reason, it’s probably not for people that are anti-cryptocurrency, or don’t want to bother learning what it’s about.

Might I draw attention to their support section because I always enjoy a casino that delivers first class support and walks you by the hand step by step all the way. Yabby casino has a free for all support box where you can ask them anything you want without even being a registered user. Where finances and the internet are involved, and in especially high risk scenario’s like joining up with a casino then their support section needs to be on point and on the ball every step of the way. I tried getting their advice on how to set up an account (as a test, and they took my hand and helped me) a 10/10 experience. I always say good customer support is a good sign of an overall happy experience.

The online casino was a good experience too. I played my regular favorites, Pulsar and 5 wishes, and they were also promoting a game that I had never seen before – Vegas Lux, so I gave it a try. It’s your normal feature roller but quite a bit different from that standard reel rollers. 720 ways to win apparently. It was quite a lot of fun, and the music was good and engaging too. Something that I would definitely come back for. All the games we tried were fun and engaging, I suggest you try them out too.

Let’s also talk about their promotions because we were quite surprised with what they had to offer here. There is up to a $4000 welcome bonus if you deposit enough money and meet their terms. I thought that was a staggering amount to offer to newcomers and it’s what enticed me in. I received a nice bonus for the money I deposited. They also had a VIP section which I’m yet to reach yet, and which they keep their bonuses and rewards largely secret, however it looks very enticing with lots to offer. All in all a really good experience.

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