WGS Technology Casino Software

Known formerly as Vegas Technology is WGS Technology. The brand is known around the world and was the driving name behind several different online casinos before the switch in most recent years. Between Vegas Technology going out of business and WGS Technology’s birth, there was a hiatus and at first, some casino players were confused but all in all the new brand is completely new and welcomes players to many different USA online casino choices.

Online Casinos by WGS Technology

Games Created by WGS Technology

For USA online casino players, there are several different gaming options to choose from when it comes to the WGS brand. In total, there are more than 150 titles. Players can participate in the game play of games like Craps, Keno, Poker, Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and much more. The games found at the casinos who offer this software brand will simply be accessed through the browser window via a Flash technology platform. By using Flash, players won’t need to initiate a download and instead, players will simply click on the game of their choice which will be initiated through the browser window. In addition to playing through the browser window, there is also the ability to download the casino games in just one click. This option will give players all of the gaming styles that are available without skipping a single one.

The Mobile Platform

Some of the casinos that boast this fun brand will also take on the mobile platform as well. There, the games are broken up into categories such as 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, video poker, table games and tournaments. All from your smart phone or tablet, you’ll have a world of fun games to play with real money up for grabs. For the most part, the mobile games are very similar to those found in the traditional online casino. Some are scaled down somewhat to accommodate for smaller screens with less power.

What They’re Known For

WGS Technology is most widely known across the casino industry for it’s multi-player slot tournaments. Like what you would find in land based casinos, players will also have the ability to sign up and play free roll tournaments where a deposit isn’t required. Players will then be given a game to play (or several) the last person standing is deemed the winner and will receive the prize pot for that tournament. In addition, once you’re knocked out of the ranks, if you would like to play again there is a re-buy option which players can use as well.

Though WGS Technologies is a great software program for players, it isn’t found in a whole lot of casinos today. One of the big perks to choosing a WGS casino is the fact that players can sign up and play games that are fun and exciting without the worry of running…

WGS Fun Facts

  • WGS Technologies is a favorite among players primarily in the USA. At casinos who offer this software brand, they’ll have their pick of more than 150 different games. Those games are totally unique and are only offered by this casino. You’ll find favorites like slots…

The History of WGS

  • WGS Technologies is formerly known as Vegas Technology and that was formerly known as OddsOn. Since 1996, the casino company strives for excellence and for the most part, nothing has changed but the name with this software.