The History of Playtech

Playtech was established in 1999, which makes it one of the oldest online casino software companies that is available today. The brand was created with employees from many different regions of the industry including casino gaming, software engineering and multimedia industries as a whole. The company began to get it’s ducks in a row and in 2001, the company formed it’s first casino licence and players were welcomed to join in on the fun.

From this point in time, Playtech focused on creating a gaming library that everyone would love and that players will come to whenever they wanted to get into the gaming action. It wasn’t until 2006 when another big leap was achieved. The Playtech shares were listed on the Landon AIM which then made Playtech a public company. In this same year, the brand expanded and had offices in Bulgaria. Not too long after, there were new developments as well as advancements in the gaming with sports betting becoming available in Italy, Spain, Estonia and Serbia. Each of these countries had casinos there, but it wasn’t until Playtech signed on that gaming by this software company was accepted.

By the time 2010 rolled around, Playtech was the leading provider for multi-channel gaming, the brand was known for having the biggest bingo network in the United Kingdom which drew a huge crowd. As many might know, bingo gaming is much different online than it is in the land based casinos. With online bingo,players will have the ability to sign up, play and win big money all while talking with other players during game play.

In 2012, Playtech is listed on London’s main market for the stock exchange. This was another big leap for the brand as a whole. Not only does this make for a public company but it also allows players to trust the brand without hesitation because being listed on a stock exchange makes the company somewhat more legitimate in some cases. Also in 2012, Playtech gave players the ability to get into some sports betting too. They acquired the UK’s leading sports betting provider, Geneity later in the year.

Just one year later, Playtech acquired Pokerstrategy which was a big perk to their already existing poker network and platforms. Online Poker is what has made the online industry as entertaining as it is today. The amount of options and games that are available 24 hours a day is a much different experience than what is found in land based casinos. Players love the opportunity for game play that is ahead of them so to have a hand in poker, it’s a great thing.

Today, Playtech is the maker of several different types of games like a live casino, bingo network, iPoker network, video bet systems, a mobile casino and even some land based casinos too. The brand is the leading supplier of online gaming software which is attributed mostly to innovative thinking and cross platform solutions. There are more than 500 games in total which players can choose from at any given Playtech casino online.

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