Review of Las Vegas USA Casino

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Welcome to our review of the Las Vegas USA Casino.  In our review of Las Vegas USA Casino we will be looking at four major areas of concern; the games available at the casino, the security and reputation of the casino, the website and platforms available, and finally the promotions, bonuses and perks that players receive at the Las Vegas USA Casino.  

Las Vegas USA Casino offers over a hundred different games which go well beyond simply slot machines.  The casino offers a full range of table games including many version of Poker and Blackjack as well as games such as Roulette, Craps, Keno, Bingo and Rummy.  At the casino, players can also play more than a dozen different video poker games which are very popular in both online and real casinos.  As well as all of that, Las Vegas USA Casino also offers dozens of slot machines, including many progressive slots where the jackpots can grow into the millions.  Every casino game you would want to play can be found at Las Vegas US A Casino.

Approaching 15 years in business, Las Vegas USA Casino has certainly been around long enough to prove that it is well run and without major incidents.   Las Vegas USA Casino uses important third party outside organizations to handle game verification, credit card safety as well as a customer complain dispute system.  There was nothing found on the web to indicate that Las Vegas USA Casino is anything but a legit casino.

As is becoming the norm, Las Vegas USA Casino offers game play either through a downloadable app for mobile devices or directly through the website.  The website is efficient with easy navigation to important areas of the casino and without annoying sounds or distracting graphics.  The games preview section is a little lackluster, without description or rules available for the various games, making it harder to pick out a particular style of slot machine you want to play.

Las Vegas USA Casino offers a full assortment of promotions, bonuses and perks available for both new players and returning players.  For new players, there are four bonus codes available to get you started including a massive 400% matching deposit bonus with a maximum value of $10,000 using the code 400BONUS which can only be used on slots and Keno.  The other three new player bonus codes allow players to play different types of game including blackjack and video poker.  Once the new player bonuses are used, returning players can than us a rotating list of daily promotion codes.  For instance, on Sundays the matching bonus is up to $150 and that particular code can be used ten times.  Las Vegas USA also offers a comp system based on how much you have wagered, as well as some special events such as an anniversary or birthday bonus.

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