Visit Planet 7 Casino offers the bold claim that it is the most secure and reliable on-line gaming experience available at the moment, but it doesn’t get off to the best of starts because when you first open the site you aren’t confronted with the usual home page, menus and tabs, but a flash screen that makes you watch up to 5 pages of offers before the menu button allows you to access the main page. It’s not a big concern, and only takes a minute maybe at the most, but it’s something I personally found annoying but it might be different depending on what platform you access the site from. After that though things start to get a lot better…

The site itself is Games Lab certified so as far as the software behind it is concerned then you couldn’t be in better hands, and that shows with the slickness and speed of the site and the individual games. While some other on-line casino sites can take a bit of time to load and when they do you get the odd glitch, with you don’t have any issues at all and you can certainly tell that being Games Lab certified really does make a difference. Security of the site is also something that is taken very seriously (as it should be with any on-line gaming site). is secured with a 256 bit SSL certificate and so you know that your personal information and transaction details will be kept confidential. Support is provided by a dedicated team of experts that can be contacted by email or live chat, so if you do have any problems then at least you know that you are going to be able to contact them and you can get a response 24/7.

As far as incentives go, will not only 100% match your first deposit but will 100% match all your deposits without restrictions and that is something that you very rarely see, and while most of the time that ill be a one off welcome bonus, to offer that really is something special considering that they also offer other rewards as well such as daily bonus spins for you to take advantage of. Speaking of deposits, accepts all the usual payment processors so you aren’t restricted there either and you can easily withdraw your winnings whenever you want as well. is one of the leading on-line casino sites, and while I’m not sure that they quite live up to their claim as being the biggest and best just yet, the 100% deposit bonus without rules and restrictions alone makes this one of the first gaming sites that you should sign up to, and I highly recommend that you do. It might not be perfect (although it nearly is), but if you are looking for a gaming site that you know is going to offer everything you could want, with a generous promotion as well, then certainly ticks all the boxes.

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