Online Gambling Started In The 1990’s

A few decades ago online casinos didn’t exist, but with the growth of internet casinos have taken that ride and some visionary people took the risk of bringing them online. A won bet we can say now, but many ups and downs happened in this process and still continue to exist. The first online casinos started to appear back in the 1990’s in a paradise location, the Caribbean islands, more specifically Antigua and Barbuda. Legislation was created and Microgaming appeared. Yes, Microgaming, that most likely many of us have heard about or seen in our gambling sites, was among the pioneer companies opening way for the online casino industry.

The first steps of this industry were being taken and the focus was on the development of reliable software that could not only support gambling, but also secure money transactions. With both legislation created and software developed, the popularity of online casinos started to explode, with no big surprise I might add, as the users of the time saw the exact same benefits of playing online that we see now.

From no online gaming at the beginning of 1990, we jumped to a situation of 200 online casinos or more at the end of the decade with a revenue close to one billion dollars. The potential for this market was already clear at this point, so taking advantage of this started to appear the second best thing after gambling, sports betting.

More, if we think that today’s casinos offer great promotions (which in fact they do), the promotions at the time to attract new users to a new market were staggering: bonuses, special odds and tournaments with really large prizes. A marketing move that worked really well and is still being used today with another dimensions.

The 21st century brought more variety and new concepts like live betting and live gambling. This allowed online gambling to grow more and offered more variety to the players with the inclusion of new sports and options. Finally, mobile took online gambling to another level as every player today can play on every single device to gamble and bet, practically 24/7.

There are other aspects that made online gambling grow and online poker is one of those aspects. Poker, as gambling in general, was always big offline and the transition was not easy as the slow internet connections of the time generated speed issues that didn’t make online poker a practical activity.

Once technical issues were stabilized and a wider variety of poker games were introduced, the online playing of poker boosted. Online tournaments that lead to the qualification to live events just proved that both worlds are complimentary with obvious benefits to everyone. When someone can join an online tournament for $40 and end up winning the Poker World Series, this has to be the best advertising online gambling can have.

More recently legal issues have appeared, but more and more there is the tendency to acknowledge online gambling as a right for any adult, so legal limitations regarding legislation will hopefully soon be something of the past.

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