Online Gambling Culture – Around The World

I believe quite a few people love gambling and more specifically to gamble online. At the same time, how is it possible that some countries have hundreds of online casinos and others just a couple of them? Is this a reflex of what happens with physical casinos in those countries, strict legislation or simply the lack of demand? I personally feel it’s a cultural thing that brings together all of those aspects. Let’s take the example of two European countries, Portugal and the Netherlands. Portugal has approximately 11 million people and the Netherlands 17 million people, so it’s not a big difference. At the same time it’s a stunning difference in what concerns the number of casinos, both physical and online ones.

Portugal has only 11 casinos throughout the whole territory, basically we are talking about one casino for each million inhabitants. When we analyze the online casinos, we come to the ridiculous low number of just two authorized online casinos.

This is definitely the result of strict legislation and not how much people want to play, and the example is that bet365 was recently operating in Portugal and now is not due to the legal changes. Other types of gaming is protected by the government and this results on policies that makes unprofitable for casinos to operate in certain countries.

What about the Netherlands? That’s a totally different reality. When we go by the streets of Amsterdam we see a casino pretty much around every corner and all sorts of people go in and out and it’s the same reality online, there are dozens and dozens of online casinos. When we say Amsterdam we can also say Tokyo, Las Vegas and many other cities in the world.

This is exactly the power the governments have over the habits of the populations. Some countries are more liberal and create the conditions for online casinos to exist enabling us to play, while others don’t create those conditions and most likely the vast majority doesn’t even realize of what is happening.

Infra-structures are not the reason for this to happen, the motivation for the governments to do this is purely economic, as online gambling is globally more and more mainstream, popular among all ages, a popular way if entertainment.

This popularity has not appeared randomly, the casinos have worked their way through with the introduction of appealing elements, like bonuses, free spins and social elements like chat-rooms or even tournaments that also have chat.

Live dealer games offers the gameplay in real time is just another aspect that has turned online gambling in a virtual reality. The difference between playing online or in a physical casino has been drastically cut and the demands of society have made the online gambling community grow accordingly.

The smaller expenses that online casinos have when compared to the physical ones often reflect themselves in bonus and offers from those casinos. So I believe it’s about time we take advantage of the opportunities presented to us, and check out the quality and experience of online casinos, if we haven’t done so already.

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