Online Gambling Advancements in 2020

Mobile Gambling allows players to gamble from any location at any time. Crypto Casinos allow for instant payouts of winnings directly to players, in real time. Augmented reality casino tech is starting to advance as virtual reality online casinos and just getting started. As all these advancements in online gambling tech start to converge we see the setup for a truly amazing online gambling experience.

Cast your mind back to a time before the internet was a thing, if that was at a time when you were alive. For those of you that don’t know, if we wanted to go to a casino then we had to don a nice suit and travel quite a few miles to the nearest one. When I was growing up the closest one was at least an hour drive from me. Now? It’s a good two hours. When computers and communication technology were thrust into our homes then we saw a huge rise of bricks and mortar companies taking the plunge into the digital waves. Including casinos.

What we saw from there was an amazing rise in people spending their hard earned money in the online casinos. People that wouldn’t regularly attend a real world casino (like myself if I’m honest. It was a once a year event if I was lucky) would start signing in and checking their winnings (or losses) daily. Having easy access to gambling institutions revolutionized the world of gambling.

I’ve been a gambler all of my life, and one thing that I’ve realized is that when in a real life casino then you are among several people that you wouldn’t normally associate with. If you don’t know what I mean, then I have a friend that runs the counter at his local bookies, and he tells me that if it wasn’t for his smiling and happy family at the end of the day then he wouldn’t know how to get through the day.

But online casinos take this away from the gambler. You don’t have to attend anywhere to play and you can do it from the security of your own home. No need to dress in your best suit, you can get up in the morning half naked and still play some slots, and enjoy it without feeling judged.

Communications technology really took gambling to the hordes of people that wouldn’t necessarily go out to these establishments in the first place. And they took it to a regular place for those that do.

Mobile Online Casinos

Then came mobile technology which pushed the boundaries of the internet even further. When apple released their iPhone and smartphone technology, the world took a giant leap from some people being aware of the internet to people not being able to exist without it. Most online usage is via mobile technology. If you look at web usage stats then I think it’s around 77% of internet usage is on mobile. But don’t quote me on that.

And with that online casinos saw themselves propelled into a new arena of on-the-spot gambling. No longer were the online players limited to playing casinos as they were sat at their computers. They could now check on their games in commute, or perhaps on a break at work, or even, ahem, in church. You could literally play anywhere you were at any time of the day.

And as mobile technology took a large chunk of the population with it, as did online gambling establishments. It was now propelled to that 77% who previously didn’t have a computer or had no internet access.

So all in all communications and mobile technology has been a really good thing for online casinos, but there was still one hurdle, and that was getting players their winnings instantly; instant withdrawals.

Online Casinos Accepting Crypto

I’ve been saying it for a while that online casino’s will be the first to cave when it comes to adopting cryptocurrencies, and I was right. I’ve already seen an absolute slew of them emerging over the internet over the last few years. At first it was only one or two of them, but now quite a lot of online Casino’s have reaped the benefits of using cryptocurrency as their payment systems.

You might be wondering what I mean by this, especially that the media has been pumping out that cryptocurrencies were a fly by night situation and a scam for a long time now. Mainly because, cryptocurrencies they are completely digital, but that makes them a perfect fit for transacting online. And well, value is determined by the buyer, and even the media is starting to come around.

Cryptocurrencies, more so, Bitcoin is known as a hard money, more then allotted can not be printed. There will never be more then 21 million mined, and for this reason, it is known by many as digital gold.

And because it’s a lot harder (impossible I’m told) to be fraudulent reversing transactions with cryptocurrencies, this is like sweet songs to an online casino’s and other online businesses in general. I expect you have no idea the amount of resources that is spent trying to keep fraud at bay. The amount of people that try and scam the casino’s out of their money. Reversing card transactions for instance and stopping credit card transactions is endless.

With cryptocurrencies you simply cannot do this. You cannot call back or cancel a transaction. Once it’s sent, it’s sent. That’s it, money spent. And the online casino will be safe in the understanding that the transaction isn’t fraudulent, you can play your games (providing your accounts are in good order) and you can withdraw at any time.

Crypto Allows Online Casinos to Offer Instant Payouts

And the withdrawal speeds – woosh. I can have my cryptocurrency in my wallet within the hour, providing they have processed my withdrawal all okay, but generally the time for withdrawals is instant once the withdrawal has been approved by the online casino.

So, I think this will catch on big time. I think other casino’s will see the benefit in this and start making a move towards cryptocurrencies. Of course, not fully cryptocurrency because there’s still a large part of the population that uses fiat money, and they will want to profit in any way they can. Allowing cryptocurrencies is just one more way to profit.

This is what I foresee. crypto and gambling. It’s always been a big thing in the cryptospehere, but maybe perhaps it will become mainstream. It seems to be quickly moving in that direction!

Virtual Reality Online Casinos

Are Virtual and Augmented Reality Casinos The Future?

My first brush with a casino-type setting was at the arcades at the beach with Gran. Our town was a seaside town, and quite the popular holiday resort. Mainly because we had a championship golf course there.

The arcades bring back so many childhood memories for me. It was an integral part of my growing up. From coming down with my Grandparents, sometimes with my parents, and later on in life I would come down with my friends. Save up my dinner money and use it to have some fun. I’m not saying this was the best thing to do, but it’s what I did.

As I grew older and into my twenties, I sort of detached myself from the arcades. I was a young man now, and the arcades well, seemed a little childish. I had moved on to having a stab at the online casino’s, and betting establishments, such as placing bets the horses – yet today it all seems rather detached. On one hand I can do it all from the comfort of my own home, but I do still miss “being there” you know? The flashing lights, the chinking sounds of coins dropping, the squeals of joy when someone jackpots a slot roller. I miss all that. And mainly because I miss the excitement of it all being an event with a few friends.

My friends have always been with me whenever we’ve went out to do a bit of gambling. With our kids to the arcades, with each other to the Casino’s, and there have been times we’ve made a day of it and went to the actual horse racing.

So, whenever I bet online, at home, on my own – something always seems a miss. But it seems I may not be alone in this feeling, because there are some really big, and exciting advancements being made in the VR and AG (Virtual and Augmented Reality) field.

And this is why I can see Virtual and Augmented reality casino’s becoming the next big thing. I can already imagine having a completely immersive experience, and hopefully in the future, with my friends. We don’t need to go on long journeys to the nearest Casino, we won’t need to take a day out to the races. Hopefully we can do it all from home, and still have that communal experience.

The Dawn of a New Era - Virtual Reality Gaming

Sounds like a future may still be a-ways-away? Thank again, there are already a handful of online casinos implementing VR with full VR headsets.

Think of it like this. It’s a very solitary experience having a gamble online isn’t it? I know for certain my wife is usually watching something on Netflix whilst I have a play on the latest Casino. Imagine if I were able to include her, and better yet imagine if I could not only include my wife but my friends also. Isn’t that not only going to boost the immersive experience tenfold, but also impact the part of us that craves connection?

Yeah, I honestly think it’s a step in the right direction virtual and augmented reality casinos. There’s a lot of good that can come from that. Most certainly. I can see a lot of people wanting to take up that for a spin!

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