Whats your Blackjack skill level?

Whats your Blackjack skill level?

Usually, when we go to the casino, do we go straight to the Blackjack table, or do we spend some time at the slots first, and also have a couple of drinks in the bar It’s all a matter of what our goal is when we visit the casino.

If we do want to win at it, we might just head directly to those tables to try our luck. How will it be though Will we be totally focused on Blackjack, or will we leave the table half an hour later empty handed.

Play to have fun or play to win

Surely that each person has a different goal when playing blackjack. I’d say we would be surprised to know how many people playing at the casino don’t really care if they win or lose, they value more the excitement of being there, the whole casino experience.

So, first, we need to decide what we want to do. Are we there just to have fun, or do we really want to win If it is the last option we are picking, we are better off avoiding some rookie mistakes, which will lead us to lose.

If we are playing Blackjack to make money we should really have a strategy that doesn’t include counting cards, as we can get banned for that. To win on Blackjack we need to pay attention to the details, and this is many times equivalent to avoid making mistakes.

Knowing the rules

This seems something basic right Surprisingly enough, many still sit at the Blackjack table not knowing completely the rules of the game. Knowing that you probably win with twenty-one or that a low card requires that you ask another card is not enough to win.

We need to give the step further and know, for example, that there are different payouts according to the tables, and that there is a high number of ways we can use our cards. If we are playing online the requirements are even more demanding, as there are more variants offered.

There is one rule particularly unfavorable rule for the players that is the 6-5 rule, where if we get blackjack with the first two cards we get paid less than with the 3-2 rule, which also gives us the chance to win more if we get more blackjacks.

This is just another example of what we should know in order to cash in more. If in doubt, nothing like asking the dealer what is the payout for that specific table.

Technology and more

Have you heard about CSM If not, know that it just means Continuous Shuffling Machine, and it’s bad news for the players as they make our odds smaller, and are just a way to help casinos make even more money.

Progressive betting systems are not our friends either because many times doubling our bets when we lose will just make us lose even more. The fact is that there are no systems to make us win, even more, when it’s one suggested by the casino.

Gambling is fun, going to the casino is entertaining, trusting our instincts when gambling is thrilling, but if we want to win we need to know the basic rules, and we need to have a strategy or else we are reducing our odds and increasing the odds from the house.

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