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Mobile casinos are an ideal bet in the event that you’re searching for something that you can invest your funds in. This is because not only is this particular market expanding but the future of this ever growing industry looks very bright. However, you don’t have to believe us for this. As Much as mobile gaming is large, it is about to get even larger and all the gaming trends are pointing to the same thing.

In certain European countries, mobile sports betting is already very popular. Not only is mobile gambling gaining popularity in many countries. It’s only a matter of time before operators will start adding mobile services to their offers especially having in consideration that several countries are about to adopt new legislation which will let them issue licenses to online casino.

To prove that mobile casinos are indeed the future of gambling, here are some recent statistics about the gaming industry:

Of recent, the older generation and also women have been more interested in gaming.

Over the last year, the number of women gamers has gone up by 5% which is up from 42% in 2012 to 47% in 2013. More and more women are joining the line of US gamers proving that boys are not the only gamers anymore. The growth in the industry is becoming more and more diverse and this has not escaped the attention of software developers and hence has also started to target a good number of their products to the gamers who are of the female gender.

Over the past years, it is not only women that have shown more interest in gaming but also the older generation. People that are over 50 years make up 29% of gamers which means that now there are more dedicated gaming communities that are dedicated to this particular category.

Latest trends have shown that mobile and computer games have become more of a family thing as opposed to how we still think that gamers are single players that rarely ever go out of the house. Now, the kids and their parents can all enjoy together. Statistics show that of the over one third of the parents that regularly play with their children, more than half of those join the game once a month in the least.

Statistics also show that 40% of kids play these games with their friends, 16% with their parents, 17% with their spouse and a good 34% normally drag other members of the family into it hence proving that kids are also enjoying this.

The revenue of gaming is going up

While the box office sales are at a modest $10 billion, game sales have hit an impressive $24 billion. That said it is worth noting that it is long since the gaming industry made more money than the film industry.

The gaming industry is becoming mobile

The 101% percent mobile penetration rate in some countries means that there is at least one mobile phone for each citizen out there. Furthermore, smart phones have become very popular in the country and the more than 48 million people are estimated to be using their devices to play their favorite games.

Just as popular as computer and console games, so are mobile casino games.

From card games, black jack, mobile slots, social games and even roulette, mobile casinos have got it all. More than 46% of American teenagers are estimated to play using their mobiles showing that they’re becoming increasingly popular. Even though dedicated devices dominate the market at 71%, Android and iOS games are slowly biting away at this dominance according to the latest trends.

Incentive that really works and free to play.

Compared to the old methods of trying to talk clients into buying a game or pay a subscription to play, the new incentive by many companies to offer free games or trial version is working better. Software developers are working overtime to ensure that everyone has something and so with more people getting hooked to gaming, the offer is now wider.

It’s not about violence anymore.

For some reason the public perception has changed and people are blaming the movie industry and the media for what is becoming of the world and not the games as was previously the case. This has offered software developers a lot of liberty to create more games that are meant for the kids and they have not disappointed in this expectations. This is signified by the 91% of new titles that target the children and the teenagers. But, there are a variety of options for the grown-ups as well.

Mobile gaming is more tempting because of variety.

It is impossible to resist the wide variety of titles out there. By opening any gaming platform or Google play, one is bound to see something that they will enjoy playing on their way to work. Even for those that have never considered playing games on their mobile phones before.

Asia is still at the top.

Over the past year, China’s game revenue went up 34% and 94% of its total revenues were courtesy of online gaming. However, the demand for regular and casino games continued to grow in Asia. The Asian market is not anywhere close to its full potential as more countries are preparing to welcome casinos and open up to the gambling market. For some interesting industry related news, stick around because things are about to get interesting as the mobile industry continues to grow and the curiosity to see what the future brings grows with it.

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