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SlotoCash – Mobile Casinos

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Go digital with SlotoCash and their new mobile app

SlotoCash is now going mobile. If you were annoyed that you had to stay in one place with your regular online casino then look no further, at SlotoCash you can play your favourite games on the move.

That’s not the only awesome part, though. If you’re an American player then it’s now open to you as well. So, get your mobile out Mr American you can have a sneaky game whilst you’re on your break at work – responsibly of course, though.

Yes. Not only can you access SlotoCash from anywhere in America, but you can download their app and use it on your mobile as you roam the city. Good, huh?

A lot of people ask me why it’s good to have it on mobile too? Some people tell me that it only encourages people to gamble, but I disagree. It mainly provides up to date information on your games that you’re in the middle of. You’ll know if you’ve ever had to switch the computer off in the middle of an online casino game to go to work or do whatever daily life responsibility you have. But with mobile access you can watch your progress and not have to wonder. That’s the beauty of it. You don’t need to play, but you can keep up to date.

But if you don’t mind playing on the move and you can absolutely gamble responsibly then this is for you. I do a lot of mobile gaming myself, particularly in quiet periods at work. I am my own boss so I can get away with whatever I like, but nothing’s stopping you flashing it on when you’re free and allowed to.

The great benefit of going mobile is that at least 70% of online activity is mobile, and what more can an online casino player ask for when that’s opening their pot up to a wealth of new users. Not only on mobile, but a whole new country also – one of the biggest in the world. Takings for them will be much bigger, but that also means wins for you will be far greater and more in number too – it’s a win win situation for everyone.

The world has gone mobile. Back when I was regarded as a nerd for having and enjoying using the internet then hardly anyone would use it, unless they knew what they were doing. Then apple released their new mobiles which had internet capability and it changed the entire world as we knew it – suddenly having the internet and a social media account was the new hip and cool thing to do. So, it’s only correct that online casino’s have moved this way too, to grab the large number of mobile users that may be interested in them.

So why don’t you be the next new hip user of SlotoCash’s web app? You can now use their online casino when you’re anywhere with mobile internet or a Wi-Fi connection – and those hotspot places are getting more and more in the modern world.

I like to play SlotoCash on the train every week. What about you?

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