Real Money Gambling coming to Google Android Store

Real Money Gambling coming to Google Android Store

In a shocking reversal that came as a surprise to even many online casino operators, Google has announced plans to remove their ban on real money gambling apps from the Google Play Android App Store. This will effectively allow online casino to place their downloadable apps in the Google store rather than only offering them on their own websites. This will have three very noticeable effects, one which the online casinos may need to be weary of.

The most obvious benefit is just discover-ability. The Google Play Store receives billions of downloads each year. By having a free app listed in the Google Store, this will naturally allow more people to find the app for a given casino, but furthermore, it may even expose millions of people to the fact that online casinos and real money gambling even exists as a viable product over the internet. There are probably a significant number of people who do not realize that you can play real-money casino games on your cell phone as easily as you can play Farmville.

The second effect will involve the security and safety involved when downloading an app from a major store rather than directly from a website. Because Google and other store operators maintain security standards for products that appear on their store, there will undoubtedly be people who are now willing to download an app, where in the past they may have been hesitant to download an app from the owner´s website. This phenomenon has been seen in other gaming sectors including PC games where customer´s trust buying from a major retailer is much higher than using the company´s website for download.

Finally, the third effect is that this will more easily open up online casinos for reviews and ratings on a large scale. In the past, online casinos have sometimes had a difficult time separating the legit casinos from the more shady ones. It is very easy for a shady operator to create fake reviews and sometimes even create ´casino review´ website whose sole purpose is to legitimize the owners´s casino. With the massive number of people able to download and play a casino´s app and then rate and review it, it makes fudging the system much more difficult. This has a drawback because players, especially those new to online gambling my write bad reviews with only superficial knowledge of online gambling in general. A sore loser can quickly become a sore review.

The Google Play Android App Store will have many restrictions which may prevent many online casino operators from even applying to have their app listed. The most serious one is that Google will require online casinos to be registered and legal in any country where they wish their app to be sold. This creates a problem for the online casinos because many countries have ambiguous laws regarding online casinos and it might be hard for the online casinos to show legality.

The change of heart by Google probably is attributed to the fact that Apple now allows real money gambling apps as well as the fact that Google took a half-step last year by allowing Apps for real money gambling through Daily Fantasy Sports. In any event, this has the possibility of opening up real money online casinos to a significant number of new customers

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