Desert Nights – Mobile Casinos

Desert Nights – Mobile Casinos

Desert Nights brings Mobile and America to their Online Casino

American users can now play Desert Nights, and on their mobile, with their fully functioning new mobile web app. How cool is this?

I get asked a lot why I take my casino apps out with me on my mobile phone a lot – people sometimes mistake me for an addict, but all it is, is that I like to keep up to date on my bets, stakes, and games, and that’s the whole reason for having a mobile app for your online casino – so you can stay one step ahead of other players.

Play from your office at work. Maybe you’re on a break and you’d like to sneak in a crafty few moments of their slots, or perhaps you want an update on how your stake is doing on the table games – it’s up to you, but one thing is for sure, and that is you’ll never miss a beat. Of course, your phone might run out of battery but I’m sure you keep up to date with that. The great thing about having mobile access to a casino is that almost 70% of the online community are mobile users. Meaning they only use the internet from their mobile and don’t have access to a computer. There is still a stark digital divide when computers and the internet is involved. That’s a ginormous amount of people, and a whole lot more people to access the casino.

Of course don’t get me wrong, they will have been able to access the casino previously, but if you’ve ever browsed a website that just isn’t mobile friendly then you’ll know what I mean – you really wouldn’t want to be browsing it at all. And this is why places like Desert Nights creates mobile apps, to increase mobile users experience and have them coming back for more.

And now that United States players are able to access Desert Nights, this is like having at least one half of the online casino community able to access the casino. America has a HUGE internet browsing presence, and the more people that are able to find Desert Nights online casino from America the better it will be for all of us. Because that will mean better prizes and more of them. If a hundred people keep paying into a pot, then all of a sudden, a thousand people start paying into a pot, then that pot grows exponentially. Think of that in relation to jackpots and prizes. Exciting stuff.

But if you don’t care about all that and just want to get on with your new mobile web app then at least you will be able to play Desert Nights from the train, or the bus, or wherever you are at that moment in time. The best (and easiest) thing about having a mobile app is that you can access it from anywhere – even from the toilet. Hah! Yuck also. But I think you know what I mean!

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