Captain Jack Casino – Mobile Casinos

Captain Jack Casino – Mobile Casinos

American’s can now find Captain Jacks Booty on their mobiles

Captain Jack’s online casino is now opening up their doors to an American audience. That’s a good move, since from a practical perspective, at least 50% of online presence comes from America. So, if you’re from the States and want to give a bit of 15th century sea-faring theme a try, then sail on in and get searching for ye pirate treasure.

But that’s not all, Captain Jack’s online casino has also gone mobile. Now, I’m not saying that you can only now just browse Captain Jack’s from a mobile, because you were always able to – but now they have a brand new mobile app that makes it easier to browse and is far more mobile friendly than ever before.

The best thing with going mobile friendly is that there’s now a whole load of new options available to you. For instance, you can now have a cheeky game in a break at work, or perhaps when you’re traveling on the bus, or the train home. The upside of having a new mobile app is that users can now access Captain Jacks from anywhere they currently are. On the train? Fine. At work on a break? Fine. Even at your Aunties? Fine – although you may want to do that at your discretion. I’m always made to switch my phone off at my Auntie’s haha.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking easier access is another way to high-roll your way to rags, no, for the sensible gambler (like me) it’s another way to keep on top of your games and stakes. So no longer do I have the monotonous wait of getting home before I can check how much I’ve won (or lost for that matter), I can do it on the go wherever I am at that moment in time – it doesn’t mean just because now I have gambling on my mobile that I’ll be on it all the time, no. I gamble responsibly.

But with new users comes new avenues for the casino to grow and get better. You see, mobile users are about 70% of the entire internet. Yup, you guessed it. If someone has access to the internet, then the chances of them having it on mobile is very high. So, when it comes to easy access and mobile friendliness, if you’re site is all of these then you’re going to get a lot of users. More users equal a bigger pirate jacks booty, and a bigger booty means more prizes and more frequently too – plus I bet large portion of that will be spun to the development of the online casino. I think, anyway.

So, it’s looking good for Capt’n Jack’s booty. It’s looking good all around. And if I were you, I’d go in and have a try as it grows, because from what I know they definitely reward their customers; old and new. You can grab up to $11,000 in bonuses just for signing up if you top up a good amount. The bonus giveaways on this online casino is absolutely crazy. So, get in, get started, and have fun.

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