Microgaming Casino Software

As one of the first online casino software companies, Microgaming has done a whole lot with their time. Established in 1994, the brand has created the very best library of games for players. A library that caters to each and every player style. Surprisingly, the brand has even had time to create more than 150 games for land based casinos as well. One of the things players love most about this casino software company is the amount of variations that are available to players within the gaming library. With more than 1200 different ways to play, everyone walks away feeling satisfied when it comes to entertainment.

Online Casinos by Microgaming

Microgaming is a great option for players because it has one of the largest gaming libraries available. There are more than 800 games in the standard casino library. Players at Microgaming casinos will have any kind of game that they are after, with just a click of a button. Within those games, there are 1200 different variations which allow players to have freedom and flexibility. In that library, there are more than 40 different progressive games which give players the added bonus of winning a big jackpot while playing what seems to be a traditional slot game.

When it comes to the gaming library, players will have more than 45 languages and more than 25 different currencies. Those currencies and languages are put into place so that players can have a fun experience evenly across the board since the brand caters to those around the world. In total, there are more than 400 casino brands that use the Microgaming software either in a standalone fashion or in conjunction with other casino software brands to enhance the gaming experience further. One of the only thing that players have complaints about is the fact that the casino games are only available in full screen modes vs having the flexibility of choosing between minimizing the screen and having it all the way open.

Despite the fact that there are already 800 games available to players, the brand just keeps them coming. Players will have more and more games available as the brand releases more games each month.

Top 5 Microgaming Online Casinos Microgaming is one of the very top online casino choices when it comes to software. Their brand was what launched the very first online casino, way back in 1994. Most of the casinos that welcome players to the Microgaming brand are…

Microgaming Fun Facts

  • Microgaming is a vibrant online casino software company that players can turn to when they want a variety of different games to play. The brand is home to more options than any other software brand and players love what this casino option has to offer to them….
  • Microgaming was started around 1994 where the brand was the first to open an online casino. Today, they still spearhead the online gaming movement while keeping competitors at an arm’s distance. Microgaming is a tough act to follow with it’s library of more than 800…

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