Welcome everyone to our review of the Malibu Club Casino.  Today we are going to look at some major features and attractions for the Malibu Club Casino to help you decide if it is the online casino that is right for you.  The major things we look for are the selection of games available, the promotions and bonuses,  the accessibility and functionality of the gaming area as well as the reputation and security of the casino.   Since different players have difference preferences as far as game selection and the use of promotion codes, the final decision is up to your playstyle.

The website for the Malibu Club Casino features a bright theme and is easy to navigate.  The games are available through the website or through a downloadable app for mobile devices.  Customer service is available through a live chat feature on the website as well as email.   One of the better features of the Malibu Club Casino and something I wish more casinos provided is a drop down text area when you hover you mouse over any game which provides a thorough description of the game.  This is really nice, especially for slots, because you can see how many reels and other important pieces of information before downloading the game.  The website also shows constantly the jackpots of progressive slots which makes it easy to check.

Malibu Club Casino offers all of the games you would expect to find in a casino, but with only limited versions of each game.  Blackjack and Roulette each have two versions available, but the other table games only have a single type which might feel limiting depending on your game preferences.  The Malibu Club Casino does have a category for video poker, but there are no games listed under that section, so either that is a website bug or just an area they hope to expand to soon.  Hopefully this is the case as video poker machines are very popular.  The Malibu Club Casino also offers a large variety of slot machines in many different styles.   As mention, there are also five different progressive jackpot slot machines with ever growing jackpots.  At the time of this article, the jackpot was ´only´ at $65,000, which is a lot of money, but often times progressive jackpots can be found with $1M+  jackpots.

The Malibu Club Casino is very generous with their promotions, especially to new players where new players receive a free $50 token just for registering with the website.  This free money is given without any deposit being made.   The casino also offers a series of three promotion bonus codes as part of it´s new player experience.   From there, returning players are offered other deposit matching codes on certain days of the week.   Keep an eye on the promotions page as these are not offered every day.  The Malibu Club Casino also has a great VIP program where players are given bonus money each time they advance a tier in the VIP system as well as better comp point conversions along with other perks.

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