The History of Rival Gaming

The History of Rival Gaming

Rival is an online casino gaming platform which players use from around the world. Rival was initiated before it even had a name. Starting out with research and development, the team was locked and loaded. Included in the team is a set of hands that created a revolutionary brand. In 2006, the entrepreneurs took their visions and combined them into what made Rivals. This casino software brand is found at casinos around the world and makes for quite the unique gaming experience.

The Canadian based casino software company strives to continuously bring new and unique gaming features to online casinos. This is done by way of either methods of operation or casino games. One of the things that sets Rival apart from other brands is their loss prevention. By requiring each player to provide more information, they can weed out the fraudulent players from the legitimate players. This is important to software companies because it saves the platform time and money that can be spent otherwise.

In 2006 the company was launched. More precisely in April, there were just four casinos who offered the brand. Rival offered the popular set of slots games, iSlots. These were interactive slot games that involved the player more than the traditional slot games. The launch of the casino software company was unfortunately one of the worst times, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was put together and passed by the president. This was something that threw the entire online casino gaming industry out of order and ended the availability of casinos for USA players for quite some time.

By the time that 2007 rolled around, the brand was seeing quite a bit of growth. The company opened four new casinos including SlotO’Cash which is still available today. This was an independent brand owned by the company. This means that the casino is owned and operated by Rival which is different than your typical white label casino (a white label casino is that which is managed by Rival on the back end but the promotions and information about the casino is managed by a standalone brand)

Unfortunately in some areas, there were a few Rival casinos who were operating unfairly. The brand had little ties to the front end of the gaming experience for players and that was a big problem. Once the problems were rectified, Rival was able to continue business as usual with the minor problem that their reputation was not in good standings with some. As time went by, the brand rebuilt and became more choosy with who they decided to do business with.

Today, there are a few casinos that are available for USA online casino players that offer the Rival software. Players will want to check these sites out if they’re interested in finding the games powered by Rival.

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