Common Mistakes Players Make at the Casino

Casinos have the ability to evoke just about every emotion on the spectrum. Some players are happy and others are down right angry. Visiting a casino does come with some rules and below we’ll talk about the different ways that players have ruined their night out with simple gestures. There are many different ways to make a fool of yourself at a casino without even thinking about it. Casino etiquette is quite funny, you’re mixing alcohol and a slew of emotions from many different areas of the casino’s gaming floor yet at the same time, you’re expected to maintain and act appropriately at all times.

One of the biggest things that a player doesn’t really know all that much about in the beginning is the jargon. There are so many different terms and proper procedures to take. Often times, these things can’t be taught and a player will simply pick these things up along the way. Here is a look at some ways to really make a good time bad;

Having your winnings spent, before you’ve won

Thinking you’re going to win money at the casino before you head in is a sure way to have people laughing at you if you don’t actually win. The odds of winning at the casino are very slim, especially when it comes to the big bucks. Players won’t walk away from the casino with brag worthy money amounts unless they’ve walked into some serious luck.

Stiffing the dealer

Like when visiting a bar, it is customary to tip your bartender. This is the same with the dealers. Whether you win or lose, you are almost expected to send a little bit of coin the dealer’s way. At the end of the night in most casinos, the tips are pooled together and split between the crew as a whole. You don’t necessarily have to give the dealer the money directly, you can place a bet for them and that way they might end up with a little more than you were initially willing to send their way. If you don’t tip your dealer, you can expect to feel nervous each time you walk by that dealer’s table.

Tossing your cookies or spilling your drink at the table

This is one of the worst things a player can do when visiting a casino. It does happen and when it does, it usually is a night ruiner for sure. Just like spilling your drink at the bar, you’re looked at negatively by several different people in the immediate area. When at the casino, you look ten times worse because you’ve just closed down a table for maintanence, forcing the game to stop and everyone to relocate.

Going to the ATM

You didn’t just end up in a casino and if you did, you should have somehow made a stop at the bank to withdraw cash prior to hitting the floor. If you’ve already played through that cash, chances are you aren’t going to be very happy in the morning. ATM’s in casinos are expensive to use and often make those around you question whether or not you have a gambling problem depending upon how many times you visit the ATM.


These days, having a camera available at any given time is simply how we operate so the days of “no photo zones” are about to be over. In fact, some casinos now encourage players to take pictures and post them to social media. This is made obvious by plaques on the walls with the casino’s hashtag written on them. In some areas of the casino, taking photos is frowned upon such as behind table games, around the cages and in the player’s club area where personal information is being stored and exchanged by the casino staff and other players.

Foregoing the Player’s Club Registration

The player’s club is standard in all casinos and some might not know this, but they’re free. These clubs give free chips, food and hotel stays even at the entry levels. To not sign up would be a big mistake because you can begin earning points which might actually turn into big perks later down the line.

As you can see, there are many different ways that tell the casino staff and those around you that you aren’t that familiar with the casino atmosphere. Some of these are pretty minor however they exude behavior that just doesn’t make sense in most cases.

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