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Casino Brango is the sister casino of Casino eXtreme.

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The first thing I noticed about Casino Brango was their amazing graphics. I’m quite the stickler when it comes to only enjoying websites that have a good look and feel to them, and if you’re anything like me then you’ll enjoy Casino Brango. There was an extremely modern and friendly, and inviting way about this place so this is more than likely the first thing that will stand out to you.

Next was their cryptocurrency deposits. If you know anything about bitcoin and the likes then you’ll understand that it’s one of the best and safest ways to deposit, transfer and exchange money. I liked that Casino Brango had not only one, but several available cryptocurrencies to use. I haven’t visited a casino that has this amount of available cryptos to deposit as well as having fiat deposits also. Usually it’s one or the other, so in my mind this was a missive plus point.

My favorite part of this online casino was their tiered VIP section. You didn’t need to pay for the opportunity to be in it, only make regular deposits and then you will be automatically entered. It’s sort of like a cash back system where for every $100 you deposit, then you get a value of $1 back. Quite exciting if you ask me, especially when I’m an avid casino player. There is also a free chip system where if you reach VIP Gold and above then you get free bonus dollars monthly to play with. I really like that concept and right now it has me coming back for more.

If you ask me what makes an online service, then I’ll tell you that it is the way that they interact with their audience. The earlier someone human can speak with a player, or a potential player then the better a service I feel I’m going to get. The best part about this Casino is that I was able to speak to someone from support even before I had registered. So, at that point I was just another person on the screen. But in my mind, that’s when to get them is when they are new to the Casino. Casino Brango absolutely nails this concept.

This casino also had social channels. I was very impressed with that seeing that they were trying to engage with their audience and potential audience at different parts. You can really tell that this online casino tries to engage and support their audience. I am only but impressed so far.

I’m a bit of a slots player and all my favorites were there. Especially 5 wishes. I really enjoy that came, closely followed by Asgard which comes in as my second favorite game. I tried some of the progressive jackpots too for some high-risk fun! One thing to note is that they had quite a bit of video poker which was fun to try out. One of the biggest selections I’ve ever seen in fact – and since curiosity got the better of me, I gave some of them a try.

All in all, a blistering experience. They held my hand right from the beginning and kept me informed every step of the way. Blistering VIP bonuses and quality games to play. A really good experience.

  • “Casino Brango - The casino that never stops giving.”
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