Casino Adrenaline Review

Casino Adrenaline is the sister casino of Casino eXtreme.

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Well, I loved their logo and tagline that’s for sure. Casino adrenaline definitely makes me feel like I’m in an adrenaline fueled casino that’s for sure. Their logo absolutely made sure of that. But that aside I liked the look and feel when I first joined. Although the logo said adrenaline, their colors suggested a more relaxed feel. Or at least that’s what I feel when I’m met with pastel type colors. I must say, I was liking what I was seeing.

So, the deposits. Let’s talk about them. This is a casino that prides itself on instant deposits and withdrawals and can do so because of the security and safeness of bitcoin. If you use any non-crypto online casinos you’ll know that all of their processing times are at least a day or over, and that can be quite bothersome for some. Having somewhere that processes them instantly is quite the bonus. And yes, Casino Adrenaline accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s quite far ahead in its game.

And if you like depositing then on your first deposit you’ll receive up to 1 BTC in bonus money. Yes, they’ll give you up to 1 BTC in deposit money for free. That’s like saying – deposit 1 BTC and get 1 BTC free. I guess to the average reader you might not know what a Bitcoin is worth. Well, right now it’s worth over $10,000 – so technically that is a humongous amount to get free with your first deposit. Remember, it’s up to, so whatever you deposit will be matched over 100% and you’ll also get free spins. Crazy, right?

But that’s not all. They have a rewards program which sorts out what happens when you endlessly sink your money into these places. If you did that and got nothing back ever it would be quite gruesome, wouldn’t it? Thankfully, they have created a VIP section, and for every bet that you make, you accumulate their points. The more points that you have, the more cashback and rewards that you earn. It’s pretty cool when you think of it because you’re always being rewarded by the casino.

Well, if there’s one thing I can say about this casino is to come for the slots. Each and every slot is unique and wildly engaging. If I didn’t stop myself I could have been plying this casino until the early hours of the morning. This is by far the most engaging casino I’ve ever been to when it comes to gaming. I not only enjoyed the games, I absolutely loved them. You see, most games these days are the standard scatter rollers that once you have played one then you’ve played them all – not at casino adrenaline. You’ll know when you try the games. Amazing!

And last but no means least is their support section. When I was browsing the website I friendly member of support popped up in my screen and asked if I needed a hand with anything. You see, I wasn’t logged in, neither was I registered. I was just a random dude checking it out at the time. When places do this with me then I feel valued, and I’m more than likely to join up.

Brilliant experience. A MUST try. If only for the games.

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