Hello everyone and welcome to our review of the Bingo For Money online casino where we will take a look at the games available at the casino ( more than just Bingo) as well as current promotions along with information about the accessibility of games and security details.  These are all topics that should be important to most players when deciding at which casino to invest their time and money.  Along with all of that, we will also take a look at the community at Bingo For Money since Bingo rooms are atypical of most online gambling because direct player interaction is not only available, but encouraged.

As their name suggests, the majority of players and focus at Bingo For Money revolves around different variations of the game of Bingo.  The games are separated into rooms based on how expensive a card is.  At the Bingo For Money casino the cards ranged from a few dollars all the way down to a nickel.   There is also a free room where cards cost nothing, but the prize for winning is only $.50 and you are playing against potentially dozens or even hundreds of other free players.  The regular rooms usually have a couple dozen players and you win about 25x the price of your card on average.

Aside from Bingo,  Bingo For Money also offers many other games including dozens and dozens of slot machines.  They come in every variety, and like the Bingo rooms, there are free demo versions to play of each type of slot machine, although there are no winnings at all.  There are also many versions of Video poker available as well as Keno and Pull-Tab games.  These games, along with Bingo are nice for casual players because many of them have version all the way down to a nickel per play.

As for promotions,  Bingo For Money gets things started with a free $25 token just for signing up on the website.  But things do not stop there as Bingo For Money Online Casino also offers very large deposit matching bonus codes that change each day of the week.  These codes offer from 300% to 600% matching on deposits but do come with some very hefty restrictions and requirements so make sure you read the fine print carefully before using a promotion code with your deposit.   On top of those traditional casino promotions, Bingo For Money also offers special event Bingo rooms that offer bonus prizes and rewards.  Some of these special rooms occur each day during certain hours, and others only come once a week or even less often.  As you are probably at Bingo For Money in order to play Bingo games, it is important to keep an eye on the special rooms since the bonus rewards are simply extra things you can win without any other restrictions.

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