BetKing Player Wins 250 Bitcoins in a Single Dice Roll!

When it comes to online gaming Bitcoin might be the way to go. Bitcoin gaming comes in a variety of formats from live dealers to video slots to sports betting, and it all happens online. Many sites also offer larger deposit bonuses for both new and existing members than regular currency casinos do. More than that they sites offer provably fair games making the odds are more in your favor than with other non-Bitcoin casinos. What Is Provably Fair?

Provably fair is an algorithm that is used in online gambling where fairness is analyzed and verified. Provably fair is frequently used with online gaming. It makes sure that the player has the fairest odds possible. With this in place, it eliminates the need for auditing and verification by a third party.

BetKing’s Big Provably Fair Winner!

With Bitcoin gambling gaining attention, BetKing, a well-known Bitcoin casino proudly announced one of its plays won a record payout of 250 Bitcoins equivalent to $165,000 at market value on June 30th, 2016. The winner is a well-known high roller among the Bitcoin casino community and goes by the username “TRK_L8_UH-btches.” This player would place a series or high stakes bets ranging from 25 to 100 Bitcoins until he decided to make a massive bet of 250 Bitcoin to win an extraordinary payout in a single roll of the dice.

A Brief BetKing History

BetKing prides itself on high payouts, and this particular player had a unique betting strategy. BetKing, know before as Pocket Rockets Casino, is the largest Bitcoin casino to be crowd funded. The platform has an astonishing record for high payouts and has paid out over 350,000 Bitcoins to winners in the past year. The previous record before TRK_L8_UH-btches came along was for 200 Bitcoins.

BetKing is a pioneer in the online Bitcoin gaming industry and opened with a 4,500 Bitcoin investment. It offers the highest available betting limits in the industry today.

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