Are Online Casinos Safe?

Well, I guess that depends if you term high risk as safe. But most online casinos operate within the natural parameters of their real world counterparts. For instance, Ladbrokes is a massive gambling broker in the UK, which also has its similar sized online casino. So, their online version acts as an extension to the real thing.

But that’s not to say that casinos that exist in the real world aren’t safe. Most of them are pretty safe if you go to the right places. It’s all about keeping your ear to the ground and a watchful eye. There are a few tricks you can do to spot the fake ones, or the casinos that plan to take all your money and run. Check out their social media

Most online casinos pull in a lot of their revenue from attracting people from social media. That way they can interact with their fans directly and get them in playing. Through advertisements and so on. Checking this out and what people have to say about their platform is the best way to see if it’s safe or not. Facebook is the best one because people are not afraid to say what they think, and if it’s bad news then they’ll tell you.

Of course, playing an online casino you are going to lose sometimes, and win sometimes also. It’s high risk, so there’s a certain element that you can lose all your money, but most people are aware of that fact. It’s just that you shouldn’t lose your money all the time. For instance, I’ve seen someone lose 35 bitcoin in one shot, betting one bitcoin a go. He wasn’t a happy chappy. And was quite loud about it on social media – this you have to look for and be aware of. Look for more negative than positive because there will always be unhappy people no matter what.

The next is to check the domain age. A great way to check the validity of something is the age of the domain that it’s hosted on. If it was just purchased a few days, or even months ago then there’s a higher chance they can just up and disappear with all your funds in tow. So check that domain age before you play. Granted, new legitimate casinos are borne every minute, but it’s always best to keep a suspicious eye. Maybe only play with a small amount first.

Lastly what are their claims? A place that offers you guaranteed wins just isn’t feasible. A casino that can promise you more than you put it won’t be able to hold their weight. Look out for outlandish claims those are often a dead giveaway. Also, does it look like it was thrown together by someone in a moment with very little experience? Or does it look like a professional cut that’s been worked on through weeks of tireless experience? These are good giveaways too.

All in all, use due diligence at all times. There are places out there looking to pull a fast one but if you know the signs to look for then they are a fairly easy spot.

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